Explore, appraise, and unlock value

With Crowdfunding projects, NFTs, digital rights, and alternative assets.



InvenTrust enables expert analysis and appraisals of assets through a decentralized, peer-review process.


Assets listed on emerging and existing marketplaces could be reliably appraised and monetized with impartiality and transparency


Marketplaces and sellers utilize Inventrust to boost transparency, liquidity, and demand.


Emerging asset classes such as NFTs, crowdfunding projects, and more. Project creators and sponsors can have them reviewed for an independent, fair, and transparent peer vetting for value, all participants share in our community’s success.

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We combine AI smarts and human expertise

Stop wasting money and losing out on opportunities.

Inventrust helps you explore and appraise digital assets across hundreds of sites.

Hundreds of sites.

Whether you’re picking out NFTs, exploring crowdfunding projects or shopping for
alternative investments.

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Browser extensions that will allow you to search for alternative
assets in the marketplaces and hubs you love.

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