As innovators ourselves, we know first-hand that even as the volume, velocity, and variety of innovations are growing exponentially, mechanisms to transfer them -- securely and efficiently -- lag far behind.

We came up with a movement to enable makers to help other makers. InvenTrust – the platform that we’re now rolling out as part of this movement – enables the discovery and trusted exchange of innovations through registration, validation, tracking, and licensing of digital assets with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

We hope that you’ll make InvenTrust your platform too as it aims to allow innovators to extend their reach and directly reap the rewards of their know-how. We make it possible for enterprises of all sizes to discover amazing innovations that have been peer-reviewed by a community of domain experts.


Discover and be inspired

Explore a huge range of innovations from a global community of companies and individuals committed to promoting solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Use powerful search, filtering, and sorting combined with comments and ratings to make it easier to find what you're looking for! Or share items with clients, colleagues, or social networks.

Share and motivate 

Register your innovation on the exchange and make it widely available around the world with a flexible licensing and pricing model, ranging from free open-source to paid commercial licensing.

Engage and create

Evaluate innovations you find interesting using our structured criteria or your own. Create new solutions to challenges or needed solutions. Participate in a unique hackathon that rewards you for building on others’ ideas while sharing your own. It is your choice how to engage and create.






  • Earn value by licensing assets or do good by open sourcing them
  • Get compensated for customizations, maintenance, or updates
  • Build reputation through the quality or novelty of your assets and their users' reviews


  • Discover high quality assets and directly support their creators
  • Save time and money by using assets that have been independently and objectively validated
  • Enlist collaborators to customize and enhance assets


  • Earn value by validating assets
  • Coming soon…earn bounties by identifying infringement
  • Build reputations, spur collaboration, and accelerate innovation
  • Read about our innovative approach to validating creative assets



Safeguard asset integrity

Protect assets through blockchain technology which tracks their usage and helps prevent theft and illicit transactions

Profit by enhancing assets

Protect assets through blockchain technology which tracks their usage and helps prevent theft and illicit transactions

Get more for less

Crowd-sourced expertise allow even under-resourced makers to gain from others' wisdom and connections

Drive mutual value creation

The more makers help other makers, the richer everyone’s rewards become