About Us

InvenTrust Vision

We believe that massive leaps forward for humanity will occur when we all put our collective heads together. When the world’s best and brightest share their intellectual assets -- and get fairly compensated for doing so -- we enable innovation to bubble up from every corner of the globe, creating a sustainable system for ongoing collaboration.

This system is made possible ONLY when the quality of assets and creators is verifiable and trusted and can be customized. At InvenTrust, we’ve designed an exchange that incentivizes code creators and code consumers to share and rate high quality software. Harnessing the power of blockchain and AI technologies, we’re introducing decentralized transparency to the Open Source world to ensure the quality of shared content and to speed innovation around the world.

Team and Advisors

We’ve cracked the code on incenting collective innovation by bringing together a world-class team that combines three disciplines integral to our mission:

IP and Rights Management experience - to ensure the protection of intellectual property, while enabling creators to monetize their work. We bring experience managing over $1B in licensing transactions.

Distributed technical team with deep blockchain and AI experience spanning multiple protocols. Our expertise has been leveraged by major multinationals and fast-growing start-ups.

Prior success in building and scaling within both start-ups and established organizations. InvenTrust is led by a team that has raised tens of millions of dollars of venture capital, led growth through IPOs,and managed complex M&A integrations.