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InvenTrust is facilitating a secure, on-line, ecosystem that connects creators and their consumers of innovation assets with game-changing opportunities. InvenTrust’s digital platform makes it easy to generate liquidity and large value from rights related to assets such as patents, trademarks, code, key innovation talent, brand equity, and related corporate R&D assets.

Disruptive innovations from the peripheries of particular sectors are affecting the trajectories of many of the most important global industries. Pharma companies face threats from wearable devices being invented outside their industry; car-makers’ largest rivals could emerge from today’s information industry; and global banks risk disruption by payment systems employed in what were until recently fringe, cyber-currencies. As these examples illustrate, the prevailing paradigm through which R&D organizations have scoped, scouted for, and built their key assets is broken. Similarly, inventors and scientists outside of institutional contexts rarely possess the means and resources to showcase their R&D efforts, nor can they access relevant audiences. Currently there are only limited and cumbersome options for benchmarking or comparing inventions and knowledge assets. As a result, the world’s innovation capital remains largely illiquid and despite advances in the “sharing economy,” innovation assets cannot be easily shared or exchanged.

InvenTrust’s platform allows organizations — whether these are start-ups or large institutions — to acquire innovation assets as and when they need them. For the past year we have been building a digital platform that connects Scientists and Inventors, Labs, Corporations, and Service Providers. This platform allows participants to scope out technology direction, enables them to discover and meet talent to help with new R&D programs, and facilitates community problem solving and crowdfunding of knowledge and intellectual property (“IP”) assets.

Past attempts at building IP exchanges have faltered as they failed to build ecosystems of value around IP assets. Unlike commodities and products that are traded on other marketplaces, innovation assets represent complex amalgams of legal rights, financial value, and operating capabilities. Our platform and services develop the industry context around particular innovation assets that allow them to be exchanged fairly and transparently. While we expect that this approach will help us drive a highly profitable innovation platform, it will also help us build our most valuable and enduring asset: trust. The trust of its globally connected members will make InvenTrust grow into the world’s first scalable, innovation assets exchange.

Invention For the People, By the People, and Of the People

Our goal is to democratize innovation by leveling the playing field among inventors – whether they are working in garage labs, research institutions, corporate campuses, or tech start-ups. We intend to integrate highly differentiated semantic and data analytics tools for our members to generate recommendations and feedback that enable cross-pollination across technology communities and geographies. Inventrust will also help spur collaborations among inventors and organizations by introducing new kinds of crowdfunding and monetization mechanisms for both issued and latent intellectual property.


Inventrust makes it easy for organizations and investors to connect with and support the thousands of global inventors who can help them build large value. Inventors are often the unsung heroes of our time. We are on a mission to change all that by facilitating how inventors and their audiences discover each other, share knowledge and grow together.

By enabling collaboration ecosystems, knowledge sharing tools, and intellectual commerce protocols, we aim to turbocharge the creation and expansion of invention assets. InvenTrust's platform is focused on technology-intensive niches that are experiencing rapid growth. We have identified over 300 such Clusters, and are launching our efforts around the top 50 that are the most active. InvenTrust curates key content to help stimulate discovery of relevant technology and talent, assists with turning connections into projects, helps with identifying licensing opportunities, and fosters funding, syndication and rights management for generating breakthrough ideas and implementation.

World Class Partners:

Lab networks: We are bringing in some of the world’s largest networks of research labs with expertise and thousands of patents in materials science, pharmaceutical, and chemical technologies

Corporations: Our initial target corporate sponsors include Fortune 100 companies and venture-backed start-ups in areas such as 3D Printing, Payment Systems, Medical Devices, Cancer Therapeutics, and Automotive Tech

Law firms: In North America, Europe and Asia, we are forming alliances with top-tier law firms whose lawyers are interested in offering pro-bono initial consultations to our community

Other Service Providers: Include leading market research, patent intelligence, and financial intermediaries interested in providing value to Inventrust members Academic Research Centers: We are engaging with technology transfer offices of major universities to help them generate licensing and pooling opportunities for their portfolios

Inventrust's team and affiliates bring vast experience with managing and commercializing invention:


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