Do Open Challenges Bore You?

Think again. Open Challenges have been around for a while. From simple puzzle to high tech challenges, there are a host of options for the innovation driven minds. In the last 3 months, we, at InvenTrust, have started throwing Open Challenges on our platform but – with a tiny twist. We were clear that with so many Open Challenges already available for keen minds, there had to be something different to help participants get more. And…voila! Here we are with 3 such Open Challenges that not only rack your innovative minds but also offer several other incentives. For example, once you become a part of one or more of these Challenges platform, you are immediately entitled to connections that will go beyond the tenure of Challenges. Connections who are experienced and carry extensive knowledge of the industries that you belong to. Members of the InvenTrust platform are a global community of inventors, researchers, labs, corporates, etc. who can help you build large value from your ideas. Disruption, soon, will hit your business faster than you may think. It is our belief that by being a part of a global innovation community, you will protect your ideas, businesses and therefore, revenues, from being completely whitewashed. We invite all innovation driven minds to come and participate in these Open Challenges and leverage the very focussed community that we are striving hard to build and grow. Don’t like what’s already listed? Let us know and we will try to get something started. You see, the beauty of such a strong and organic community is that there is always a possibility of you becoming the catalyst of a global innovation journey. We hope to see you soon at

Are you taking advantage of, arguably, the first-of-its-kind online innovation exchange in town?

The world, as we see today, is moving towards a peer-to-peer model. This means, that being connected to the peripheries of any business is becoming inevitable to remain profitable. Innovators and inventors are going to see a huge change in the way businesses operate in the near future. A change that will be driven by innovation capital exchange. Let’s take some use cases to illustrate this. Pedro is a surgeon who has developed novel cataract processes and devices in a hospital in Caragena, Colombia. His clinic is seeking IP attorneys, prototyping and commercialisation partners to protect and advance their capabilities. Jiro is the CEO of a Pharma drug maker in Osama, Japan. He is tired of yearly visits to far-away drug conferences to locate tech specialists and marketers who can help him with specialised formulations and niche marketing. Sara heads an R&D. Lab focussed on nano scale fabrication at a major US university. As institutional budgets shrink, she has been mandated to find other buyers for the lab’s IP and process assets. Helmut is a former branding guru who now brokers trademarks owned by European companies interested in harvesting these rights. He would love to gain access to credible licensors in China and Russia with whom he can structure licensing transactions. These are only some examples of the challenges that exist in the innovation ecosystem of today. Innovation waves are becoming increasingly broad and more frequent as technological progress marches forward. As a result, there will soon be no alternative to cross pollinate innovation processes with IP, R&D, Talent, and other operating assets originating elsewhere.

To avoid getting obsolete, there is, clearly, a need for access to technology research and discovery tools, ability to match scientific talent with market need, user generated and curated content that enhances intelligence and generates deals, and options for technology and trademark licensing and sale. At InvenTrust, this is exactly the challenge that we are cracking. We are facilitating a series of innovation exchanges to foster global innovation by combining networking, market place, and collaboration features for the scientific and invention communities. We are building a secure, online ecosystem that connects creators and their consumers of innovation assets with game changing opportunities. InvenTrust is making it easy to generate liquidity and large value from rights related to assets such as patents, trademarks, code, key innovation talent, and related corporate assets.

Innovation and, therefore, disruption, come from both obvious and non-obvious sources

The ebb and flow of diversity in today’s businesses has been incredible. Unbelievable things have happened and its only getting more unpredictable. This includes technology, people, cultures, processes and more. Innovation has, and can, popped up from obvious and non-obvious areas. It is now time to consider going beyond traditional forms of doing businesses, to look more widely and find areas that can change the course of the same.

According to research on disruption conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and supported by EY, nearly a quarter of organizations have used M&A and JVs as avenues to address or drive disruption. This is exactly why we, at InvenTrust, are creating an online ecosystem for all global businesses to join and interact with fellow innovators and take their offerings to the next level. We are enabling the opportunity for companies to shift towards more fluid and agile alliances.

It is inevitable that as time progresses, innovators (individuals, start-ups, corporates) must adopt the peer-to-peer model. According to EY Digital Deal Economy Study, mashups will become increasingly popular in a marketplace driven by digital disruption: 58 per cent of companies with under leveraged data, intellectual property or other assets said they would enter an alliance to enable the monetisation of these resources. Digital disruption is a reality today. Any innovation, big or small, is not dependent on just domain knowledge and customer relationships. It is an outcome of careful and strategic investment and expertise in analytics, cloud services, wireless connectivity, software and security. Few companies have these under the same roof. In an ecosystem like InvenTrust, it is possible to discover, connect and transact with partners without infringing on any legal issue. InvenTrust aims to find mutual benefits for its members keeping their IP safe. By not putting all eggs in one merger but use smaller and multiple alliances and grow them, there is a strong partnership which can create a win-win situation for everyone with long term benefits. But there is also an immediate advantage – the use of existing resources to generate revenue that has been, so far, lying underutilised. InvenTrust is essentially pushing businesses on a faster track to innovation and growth with reduced risk and cost.

And so…The Beginning of Disruption, As You Don’t Know It, Started

2017 was one trip. We launched our network, an online community for anyone who is interested in innovation. A one-stop shop for gathering the knowhow, connecting with global experts in various industries & technologies, partnering with like-minded business partners or deriving large value for your idea/business. But it was not without the predicted and, in excess, the unpredicted challenges. 2017 was when we decided to give what we believe in, a chance.

Looking back at the world situation over the past twelve months, we are more than ever convinced that our drive to make InvenTrust a centre of innovation knowhow exchange is the right direction for us. Technology that is profitable and able to solve real life problems is the need of the hour. And that will not come from looking inside closed quarters. The time to peep out of our comfort zones and collaborate with the world outside is now, or never. Disruption, as we keep saying, comes from predictable and, more often, unpredictable sources. And that, is exactly, what are after. InvenTrust aims to democratise the discovery and conversion of ideas, intellectual property, and expert talent into solutions for a more productive world. It helps its members rapidly spot new breakthroughs, IP, talent, technology, innovative solutions (even from non-obvious sources) and create a rapid connect resulting into productive high value collaboration. The InvenTrust Platform engages communities of innovation with diverse technology, growth, innovation, and capitalisation goals who share a common desire to get discovered by and cultivate relationships with the right partners. When you are amid continuous buzz on what’s next, what’s not and the why, how, when of it, you are in the midst of everything that will help you grow.

The world today is, probably, at its best for those who want to innovate. You have the talent, the infrastructure, the capital (if you know how and where to get it from), and you also have ideas. It is fascinating to see the amount of ideas all around. Businesses are springing up that are led by disruptive ideas. Last year, for us at InvenTrust, has been a lot about meeting innovators and listening to their stories. Be it a 60+ someone from a developing economy who is as passionate about providing healthy and affordable sanitation for villages as about restoring old temples back to life or the cybersecurity expert, from a leading economy, who delivers cutting edge solutions across sectors and is driven by his belief that technology should solves people’s problems or the inventor, from a not-so-innovative part of the world, who has recorded a major invention, which transforms organic waste into energy, produces wealth for the poor farmer’s family, as a valuable, sustainable product – the list is endless and so are our learnings, from them. we have spent a lot of time connecting to innovators and inventors all across the globe to understand their needs, challenges and strengths. This has given us the insight to build what we are after – a secure, sustainable and value driven network for innovation. By being a part of this platform, innovators and inventors will become a part of a never-before experience.

It is these experiences we have had last year, in addition to our belief, that drive us to push boundaries through InvenTrust’s infrastructure for innovation.  2017 has been intense and energising, to say the least. We have our work cut out for us in the coming year and we are going to work even harder to accomplish goals that will help us spawn the leading protocol for intellectual property rights management and the world’s leading market network for creative rights and know-how.  We aim to disrupt the trillion-dollar market for rights and related know-how. Most of all, it is not what we are doing, but because of why we are doing it. We believe that that what will unite the innovation world is the common passion for innovative technology, creative pride and dedication to the customer. So, jump on into our wagon and drive innovation, 180 degree and up close.

Wish you all a very happy, prosperous new year. May you be at your innovative best.

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