Do Open Challenges Bore You?

Do Open Challenges Bore You?

Think again. Open Challenges have been around for a while. From a simple puzzle to high tech challenges, there are a lot of options for innovation-driven minds. In the last 3 months, InvenTrust has started throwing Open Challenges on their platform but with a tiny twist. InvenTrust's team was clear that with so many Open Challenges already available for the creative minds, there has to be something different to for participants to get more. And…voila! Here they are with 3 such Open Challenges that not only rack your innovative minds but also offer several other incentives.

Once you become a part of one or more of these Challenges, you are immediately entitled to making connections that will go beyond the tenure of Challenges. Connections which are not only experienced but also carry the extensive knowledge of the industries that they belong to. Members of the InvenTrust platform are a global community of inventors, researchers, labs, corporates, etc. who can help you build large value from your ideas.

Soon disruption will hit your business faster than you may think. It is InvenTrust's belief that being a part of a global innovation community, you will protect your ideas, businesses and therefore, revenues, from being completely whitewashed. InvenTrust invites all innovation driven minds to come and participate in these Open Challenges and leverage the very focused community which they are striving hard to build and grow.

Don’t like what’s already listed? Let us know and we will try to get something started. You see, the beauty of such a strong and organic community is that there is always a possibility of you becoming the catalyst for a global innovation journey. We hope to see you soon at