Are you taking advantage of, arguably, the first-of-its-kind online innovation exchange in town?

The world, as we see today, is moving towards a peer-to-peer model. This means, that being connected to the peripheries of any business is becoming inevitable to remain profitable. Innovators and inventors are going to see a huge change in the way businesses operate in the near future. A change that will be driven by innovation capital exchange. Let’s take some use cases to illustrate this. Pedro is a surgeon who has developed novel cataract processes and devices in a hospital in Caragena, Colombia. His clinic is seeking IP attorneys, prototyping and commercialisation partners to protect and advance their capabilities. Jiro is the CEO of a Pharma drug maker in Osama, Japan. He is tired of yearly visits to far-away drug conferences to locate tech specialists and marketers who can help him with specialised formulations and niche marketing. Sara heads an R&D. Lab focussed on nano scale fabrication at a major US university. As institutional budgets shrink, she has been mandated to find other buyers for the lab’s IP and process assets. Helmut is a former branding guru who now brokers trademarks owned by European companies interested in harvesting these rights. He would love to gain access to credible licensors in China and Russia with whom he can structure licensing transactions. These are only some examples of the challenges that exist in the innovation ecosystem of today. Innovation waves are becoming increasingly broad and more frequent as technological progress marches forward. As a result, there will soon be no alternative to cross pollinate innovation processes with IP, R&D, Talent, and other operating assets originating elsewhere.

To avoid getting obsolete, there is, clearly, a need for access to technology research and discovery tools, ability to match scientific talent with market need, user generated and curated content that enhances intelligence and generates deals, and options for technology and trademark licensing and sale. At InvenTrust, this is exactly the challenge that we are cracking. We are facilitating a series of innovation exchanges to foster global innovation by combining networking, market place, and collaboration features for the scientific and invention communities. We are building a secure, online ecosystem that connects creators and their consumers of innovation assets with game changing opportunities. InvenTrust is making it easy to generate liquidity and large value from rights related to assets such as patents, trademarks, code, key innovation talent, and related corporate assets.