And so..The Beginning of Disruption has Started..!

So… The Beginning of Disruption, As You Don’t Know It, Started

2017 was one trip. We launched our network, an online community for anyone who is interested in innovation. InvenTrust is a one-stop shop for gathering the know-how, connecting with global experts of various industries, partnering with like-minded business partners, and deriving the large value for your idea/business. Although, it had both predicted and unpredicted challenges involved. 2017 was when we decided to give this, what we believe in, a chance.

Looking back at the situation of the world over the past twelve months, we were convinced that our drive to make InvenTrust a center of innovation know-how exchange is the right decision in the right direction. Technology that is profitable and is able to solve real-life problems is what we actually need. This will not come from looking inside closed quarters. The time to peep out of our comfort zones and collaborate with the world outside is now, or never.

Disruption comes from predictable and, more often unpredictable sources. InvenTrust aims to democratize the discovery and conversion of ideas, intellectual property, and expert talent into solutions for a more productive world. It helps its members to rapidly spot new breakthroughs, IP, talent, technology, innovative solutions (even from non-obvious sources) for creating a rapid connect. This results in producing high-value collaboration. The InvenTrust Platform engages communities of innovation with diverse technology, growth, innovation, and capitalization goals. These communities share a common desire of getting discovered and cultivate relationships with the right partners. When you are amid continuous buzz on what’s next, whys, hows, whens and wheres of it, you are in the midst of everything that will help you grow.

The world today is probably at its best for those who want to innovate. You have everything you need for innovation to take place - the talent, the idea, the infrastructure, and the capital (if you know how and where to get it from). It is fascinating to see the number of ideas all around. Businesses are springing up which are led by disruptive ideas. Last year for InvenTrust has been a lot about meeting innovators and listening to their stories. Be it someone of age 60+ years from a developing economy who is passionate about providing healthy and affordable sanitation for villages and also about restoring old temples back to life, or the cybersecurity expert from a leading economy who delivers cutting edge solutions across sectors and is driven by the belief that technology should solve people’s problems, or the inventor from a not-so-innovative part of the world who has recorded a major invention which transforms organic waste into energy, produces wealth for the poor farmer’s family as a valuable and sustainable product – the list is endless and so are our learnings from them. We have spent a lot of time connecting to innovators and inventors all across the globe to understand their needs, challenges, and strengths. This has given us the insight to build how we should be – a secure, sustainable and value-driven network for innovation. Being a part of this platform, innovators and inventors will become a part of an experience which they haven't experienced before.

2017 has been intense and energizing. Our last year's experiences made us push our boundaries through InvenTrust’s infrastructure for innovation. For the coming year, we have our roadmap ready for us. We are going to work even harder to accomplish our goals for becoming the leading protocol for intellectual property rights management and the world’s leading market network for creative rights and know-how.

InvenTrust aims to disrupt the trillion-dollar market for rights and related know-how. This would not be directly related to 'what we are doing', but it's directly impacted by 'why we are doing it'. We believe that the innovation world will be united by the common passion for innovative technology, creative pride, and dedication to the customer. So, jump on into our wagon and drive innovation, 180 degrees and up close.

Wish you all a very happy, prosperous new year. May you be at your innovative best.

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