Humans have a knack for survival.  Whether it’s war, famine, earthquake, fire, or pandemic, people around the world have time-and-again shown an innate ability to overcome the odds and rise from the ashes.  This time around humans are mobilizing to make personal protective equipment, ventilators, test kits, data science tools, and vaccines on an unprecedented scale to combat the exponential growth of COVID-19.

While many past mobilizations were driven by governments, human innovation against the coronavirus continues to be largely driven by a spontaneous, distributed, effort of makers of all stripes – whether these are biotech inventors or PPE entrepreneurs or AI programmers or medical device businesses. The group of us who came together to build the InvenTrust platform had been inspired by innovators who run the gamut from individuals using 3-D printers to turn out N95 masks to academic labs repurposing themselves into coronavirus test beds to corporates realigning their production capabilities to make life-saving ventilators. Hundreds of innovations for COVID-19 are in development around the world.

Although such innovations are bubbling up in an uncoordinated fashion, as makers ourselves, we recognized the power of bringing a purpose-built platform to help cross-pollinate and accelerate this movement as part of our makers-for-makers mission. Many innovators can and will connect through social media channels or through formal and informal associations that are increasingly formed on-line. But, the leading social media and professional collaboration platforms weren’t designed to help a pharmaceutical giant access an undiscovered biochemical advance from a lab based in a developing country just as they do not provide the infrastructure for a designer to safeguard her intellectual property when she licenses her 3-D printable designs for a time-limited period to an auto company. Most important, none of the other channels offers access to trustworthy know-how and products which represents a huge problem since, alas, too many COVID-19 related developments that are being promoted through such channels include scams, could cause injury, or spread mis-information.

Our COVID-19 digital commons focuses on accelerating exchanges for critical know-how and products that you can trust. Innovators can choose to register know-how on an “open-source” basis and “for free” just as some orgs may choose to ascribe licensing and/or maintenance fees for the material that they register on the platform. InvenTrust allows makers to safeguard their creative assets and related rights by choosing whether “unlimited / free forever / can-never-be-revoked” is what they intend versus “free-for-now / free-if-you’re-a- public-health-org-in-a-developing nation / free-but-you-can’t-claim-consequential-damages.” Similarly, we have a slew of features that are coming soon to help with AI-based discovery, match-making, and predictive analytics around particular innovations that are required to stem the growth of this pandemic. With many of these, we plan to use the platform’s blockchain-based technology for validating our own know-how just as you can leverage the platform to validate your own and others’ innovations!

We would be thrilled to get your candid feedback, guidance, and suggestions about how to improve the InvenTrust platform to better serve your needs. Feel free to reach out through this feedback form Click Here

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