Frequently Asked Questions

We call InvenTrust as the world’s first global exchange for innovation. InvenTrust is facilitating a secure, on-line, ecosystem that connects creators and their consumers of innovation assets with game-changing opportunities. InvenTrust makes it easy to generate liquidity and large value from rights related to assets such as patents, trademarks, code, key innovation talent, brand equity, and similar corporate R&D assets.

We are committed to help you get discovered, share knowledge and build value

InvenTrust is currently available on your Android or iOS smartphone, as well as on all desktops and tablets.

At InvenTrust, you can safely share content, research findings, photos, videos, documents, voice messages, chats and more. You can communicate 1-to-1, in clusters and collectives with your network.

Disruptive innovations from the peripheries of particular sectors are affecting the trajectories of many of the most important global industries. The prevailing paradigm through which R&D organizations have scoped, scouted for, and built key assets is broken. Currently there are limited and cumbersome options for benchmarking or comparing inventions and knowledge assets. As a result, the world’s innovation capital remains largely illiquid and despite advances in the “sharing economy,” innovation assets cannot be easily shared or exchanged.

InvenTrust’s platform allows you — whether you are an individual, a start-up or a large institution — to acquire innovation assets as and when they need them.

Your posts on any wall can be seen by all the members who visit that cluster. A member can visit any cluster. InvenTrust simply facilitates your messages.

A cluster is a place where you can communicate with other people wo has specific interest in that cluster. For example, a Regenerative Medicine cluster offers you the opportunity to network with individual, researchers, scientists, labs and even organizations who have been working in this area and have significant expertise in this industry.

A Collective is a group of members for discussing any subject of common interest. One member who wants to initiate certain topic for discussion/ exchange of thoughts can form a collective. S/he can invite some members to join the Collective. Once invitee accepts invitation s/he becomes member. Collectives can be private or public. Members of a particular Collective can use that Collective’s wall for posting their thoughts and receive comments.

Your personal information and all your content belongs to you, not us.

Of course! We make it easy to download all your InvenTrust content anytime, and to delete your account.

We are here to help you. Once you sign in to InvenTrust, our profile experts will work with you to create a perfect profile for you. This team of experts will also work with you to ensure that your profile stays updated.

InvenTrust has clusters and collectives which are focused interest based communities. You can join these to build your network and stay in touch.

InvenTrust has a mechanism of sharing with you what’s happening in each of these communities, once you become a member.

It’s simple! All you have to do join relevant clusters and collectives and start contributing to the conversations going on. The more you share, the more everyone else notices you. By sharing knowledge, you, also, become a trusted source of the community.

InvenTrust is a platform for innovation exchange that connects Scientists and Inventors, Labs, Corporations, and Service Providers.  This platform allows participants to scope out technology direction, enables them to discover and meet talent to help with new R&D programs, and facilitates community problem solving and crowd-sourcing and funding of knowledge and intellectual property (“IP”) assets.

Past attempts at building IP exchanges have faltered as they failed to build ecosystems of value around IP assets. Unlike commodities and products that are traded on other marketplaces, innovation assets represent complex amalgams of legal rights, financial value, and operating capabilities. Our platform and services develop the industry context around particular innovation assets that allow them to be exchanged fairly and transparently. While we expect that this approach will help us drive a highly profitable innovation platform, it will also help us build our most valuable and enduring asset: trust. The trust of its globally connected members will make InvenTrust grow into the world’s first scalable, innovation assets exchange.

Just go to the Contact Us page and reach out to us on the mentioned details. We will be happy to help you out with any related problem, as fast as we can.