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InvenTrust is facilitating a network and marketplace for innovation assets where members connect, discover and transact larger value from their innovations.
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Build Connections

A global network of innovators, buyers and sponsors, eliminating third-party involvement.

Discover New Technology

Thousands of opportunities for new inventions and innovations from the world’s leading research labs and inventors.

Safeguard Rights

Connect with leading-edge tools and providers to preserve your intellectual property rights.


Find innovations. Hundreds of innovations listed by world’s top innovators in our secured digital library.


Post innovations. You’ve got a great innovation? We’ll help you to publish it.


Fostering funding options using the secured blockchain technology.


Securely tracking creation and modification in the records.


Register your creative work on secured and verifiable InvenTrust Network.

The Water Impact Challenges just got better. Awards Announced!

Can you explain cryptocurrency?

Empowering the innovation industry

Whether you’re a student or a working professional in the field of science and technology, healthcare, law and cyber security, supply chain innovation, telecommunication, synthetic biology, game designing, literary, dramatic, artistic work, music, arts, the entertainment industry, or even fashion industry, InvenTrust has what it needs to make your invention and innovation in any creative field successful.

We help innovators and investors in reducing risk by controlling and tracking the distribution of (un)registered IP with cost-effective and time-effective ways, thereby increasing profits by discovering each other, sharing information, and growing together.

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We democratize the discovery and conversion of ideas, intellectual property, and expert talent into solutions for a more productive world.

The Exchange

The Exchange provides a set of dedicated Tools and Capabilities to facilitate collaboration among Members.

Innovation Clusters

Industries that are experiencing significant disruption from technology represent a unique Innovation Cluster.

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I have to say that this organisation has been very successful in building a sustainable and useful relationship with its users. I can say that InvenTrust is The platform which really cares about its users and their problems. By participating in the Water Impact Challenges, I found an investor for commercialisation of one of my innovations. I recommend InvenTrust to innovators who want to see their ideas and businesses transform into something bigger and more valuable.

InvenTrust Platform Member ─ Anonymous

We are a team of engineering students and was encouraged by our College President to register for the Water Impact Challenge. Our innovation is in the area of Leakage in Water Distribution System and we are having a great time participating in this Challenge! We hope to see more students in here because this can open up opportunities for them. Here’s wishing everyone all the best!

Water Impact Challenge Participant ─ Anonymous