If you can dream it, you can build it...

How to push businesses in taking a faster track to innovation with reduced risk and cost?

The ebb and flow of diversity in today’s businesses has been incredible. Unbelievable things have happened and it’s only getting more unpredictable. This includes technology, people, cultures, processes and more. Innovation can be popped up from the obvious and non-obvious areas. It is now time to consider going beyond traditional forms of doing businesses so […]

And so..The Beginning of Disruption has Started..!

2017 was one trip. We launched our network, an online community for anyone who is interested in innovation. InvenTrust is a one-stop shop for gathering the know-how, connecting with global experts of various industries, partnering with like-minded business partners, and deriving the large value for your idea/business. Although, it had both predicted and unpredicted challenges […]