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Innovation Love Story: Is Innovation about one Eureka moment? Here’s a story that probably says ‘No, it’s more!’

You can start by imagining a regular undergraduate student who wants to make it big, in life. Dreams, aspirations, the pressure of bright scoring cards, and what not, probably figures in.   But, Deekshith Vara Prasad wanted more. Even today, he is passionate about doing things differently. As he puts it, “it’s the only thing […]

Innovation Love Story: Diabetic Ulcers are more serious than you may imagine. Innovator, Milind Choudhari from WeInnovate shares his thoughts with InvenTrust

Diabetic ulcers are an underline hidden issue for a very long time. Every 15 seconds there is a lower limb amputation happening in India. This impacts the whole family if the foot of earning person is amputated. Longer healing time reduces the productive working hours causing a huge economical quake. Sadly, the problem is grave […]