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Innovation Love Story: Naveen Kumar

Aquvio’s Cost and Energy Saving RO Purifiers Promise to Reduce Water Wastage to 30% from 70%

Water pollution is no alien word to us. As InvenTrust brings together global innovators working on water technology connect with each other for much required collaboration, here’s an innovators who talks about how he is on a mission to reduce water scarcity.

The Story...

What’s your Innovation story?

Water scarcity – that pretty much sums up our work. According to research studies, by 2025, 1,800 million people will be living in countries or regions with complete water scarcity. And by 2040, there isn’t going to be enough water for electricity generation and consumption. The problem is much closer than we imagine.

What started as an academic project by two innovative students of IIT(BHU) Varanasi now stands as a budding RO purifiers start-up company. Clearly, the world is on the brink of fresh water shortages in many parts of the world, especially in India, and this picture is distressing. Aquvio’s cost and energy saving RO purifiers promise to reduce water wastage to 30% compared with 70% of regular RO purifiers. Saving precious water and providing clean drinking water is what inspired the idea of Aquvio. Aquvio RO purifiers are eco-friendly and economical and if used widely the results would be tremendous.


What impact have you made through your innovation?

In just a very short period of time, we have made an impact on society and environment. Some of the highlighted impacts are:

Aquvio has saved more than 5 crore litres of water in 3 years and 21 MW energy. Equivalent to water to 5 lakh people in a day and electricity to 2500 houses.

It has provided potable water to around 5000 underprivileged students and 2 schools. Contributed in bag weight reduction of 20000 students per day.

Generated employments and contributed in skill development of 4 underprivileged villagers.

15,000 kg CO2 reduction.


When was the product launched?

The very first Aquvio water purifier developed was first launched in the market in August 2015. After eight months of research and development, more refined and better products began to be installed in local schools and colleges in Varanasi. The company has been expanding successfully since.


How does Aquvio work?

Like we always say, the most important aim of Aquvio is to save water and provide clean drinking water. Aquvio’s cost and energy saving RO purifiers to reduce water wastage to 30% compared with 70% of regular RO purifiers. Aquvio RO purifiers provide 70% of purified water, an achievement that speaks for itself. In addition, the purified water meets required water quality standards. Aquvio RO purifiers have built 100 litres per hour (LPH) capacity water purifier that could generate 700 to 1000 litres of water. The duty cycle is 800 litres per day with lower power capacity of 84 watts.

Considering the cost associated with ground water extraction, transportation of water to overhead tank, storage, Municipal waste water and energy(power) in this region, the total cost comes out to be INR 0.58/ litre. Aquvio provides a solution by reducing the cost to INR 0.29/Litre and the same quantity of water can be generated for 1150 litres of feed water.

The competitive advantage is that Aquvio have reduced the water wastage and energy consumption by 50%. Aquvio is saving 1500 Litres of water every day, INR 1L annually of customers with a payback period of 15 months contributing huge to the economy of the country.


How many water purifiers have been installed till date and where?

There have been 110 installations across Varanasi and Lucknow. The Indian Army, and a few universities across the country were among the very first places where Aquvio was installed.


How is the response of the product in the market?

The response has been very positive in the market. We are getting recurring orders from various institutes. We are also working in providing Water as a solution to include cooling, grey water recycling and rain water harvesting. It starts from drawing water from the ground to the cold water at the tap, thereby reducing water wastage to Zero%. We have delivered 70% reduction in cooling systems and Energy Savings. A green solution.

Our mission and vision is to build Aquvio as a brand for one point Water solution for every segment of the society.