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Is there any fee involved? Is there any transaction based or periodic subscription for the InvenTrust platform?

Network members pay small fees for “upgrading” their membership to access specialized tools and benefits – such as research tools, hosting collaboration through dedicated virtual spaces (called “Collectives” where they can exchange documents and invite other Members to join), and host crowdsourcing or crowdfunding of know-how.
Members also have to pay RiteCoin denominated fees (and execute legally enforceable smart contracts) for viewing confidential details about published rights.
Holders pay Scouts fees for services that they choose to receive.
Users can also pay fees for viewing published rights and avail services provided by Scouts.
The InvenTrust dApp will introduce pricing models that bundle a certain amount of “free” views as part of the bundled pricing and also the evolution for how the access fees may evolve.
Fee earned by Scouts or rights holders is also subject to a minimum transaction charge to the InvenTrust platform, payable in RiteCoin.