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Water Impact Challenge

It all started with our belief in equal opportunity for all to innovate.
The UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Initiative (WIPO), the Northeast Water Innovation Network (NEWIN), and InvenTrust are calling upon all innovators across the globe to join an innovation competition to address two key challenges, essential in pathways to a global, safe, and sustainable future:

  • Energy Efficient Water Desalination
  • Eliminating Leakage in Water Distribution

Participants will join a special group of innovators around the globe.  They'll get a chance to project their innovation prowess amongst a select network of thought leaders, influencers, experts, and investors in Water. Support from the UNFCCC’s Climate Technology and Network also provides options to gain visibility for your capabilities in fast-growing emerging markets that may be difficult to reach otherwise. Through WIPO Green participants will be able to find partners, showcase their solutions, and tap into IP expertise. Participants will also be able to leverage NEWIN’s resources which bring together the largest network of innovation-oriented organizations in North America. In short, this is not something to miss.

The best solutions to the Challenges will enable participants to mentors and resources offered by the Challenge Organizers. Respondents will be challenged to alleviate the global water crisis by offering innovative solutions - which can comprise technologies, business models, and apps for specific geographies or markets - to drive energy efficient water desalination and leakage monitoring and management. By leveraging the InvenTrust platform, respondents can team up with other collectives, gain insights, enhance visibility for their brand and innovation prowess, evaluate possible partnerships, and, of course, have shot at winning prizes and other incentives offered by Sponsors. We are also soliciting Sponsors for these Challenges and if you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, please reach out.

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