Earnings, Incentives & Charges

There are multiple ways to earn, through the InvenTrust platform. We believe that you have to be successful for us to succeed.

Code Registration

$1 Stake (Returnable)

This is remitted back to the Holder when the software is validated or when he/she revokes the registration.

Selling / Licensing Basic Member

80% of earnings

After paying 10% to Validators fee and 10% to InvenTrust fee

Selling / Licensing Pro/Enterprise Members

90% of earnings

After paying 10% to Validators fee

Bounty Value

Accrued value 3% of each transaction

  • Consider, x = Total Transaction
  • 0.3% * (x) from 10% * (InvenTrust share) --- A
  • 0.3% * (x) from 10% * (Validator share) --- B
  • 2.4% * (x) from 80% * (Holder share) --- C
  • Bounty Value = A + B + C
Bounty Hunter Share

90% of Bounty Value

Bounty Split:

  • Bounty hunter = 90% of bounty value
  • Validator (Bounty Incentive) = 10% of bounty value (Validating/Confirming the claims of the bounty hunter)
  • For Example: Upon each sale/licensing of the code, the bounty is accrued of a 3% of the transaction value deduced as one percent each by the actors interested in the transaction: 0.3% from the 10% that goes to InvenTrust, 0.3% from the 10% that goes to validators and 2.4% from the part that goes to the Holder. Thus, if a crypto-snippet is licensed first for, say, $1000 monthly license fee then the bounty is $30 per month. After, say, 2 further iterations / enhancements of that crypto-wallet code it’s price to an OEM may increase to say, $3000 per month. Then the bounty would increase to $90 per month. Supposing a validator swoops into the scene 5 months after the first wrapper layer was being licensed and 3 months after the second wrapper had been licensed.
  • The Accrued Bounty would be $30x5+$90x3 =$420.
  • Bounty hunter: $378
  • Validator (Bounty Incentive): $42
Bounty Incentive

10% of Bounty Value shared by all the Validators in consensus of Bounty Hunt

Bounty incentive is 10% of the bounty value, which is shared by all the Validators, if the Bounty hunter's claim is validated.

If the bounty claim is rejected, the bounty hunter's stake (10% of bounty value) is shared among the Validators.

  • "Let's consider:
  • Total Bounty Value : $420
  • Bounty Incentive: 10% of $420 = $42
  • If 3 validators are involved for validating the claim, then each of them would receive ($42/ 3) = $14
  • Result: $14 is the amount which each validator would receive after doing the validation. "
Rights Validation

$1 Stake (Returnable)

This is remitted back to the Validators once he is part of majority consensus or has Invalidated

Validators who have Validated the Right, but not in majority consensus will lose their $1 stake and is distributed among those in consensus.

Bounty Validation

Stake of 10% of Bounty Value

Stake for claiming the Bounty: In case if a validator claims that the right published is plagiarized, then he can put a stake of 10% of the bounty value, in order to bounty hunter.

  • As in above example: The Accrued Bounty is $420.
  • The required stake to claim that bounty would be $42.